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#1Please read before Posting... Empty Please read before Posting... on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:29 am

Hi everyone,

The Games section is just for your enjoyment. We are here to play various games, have fun and to make friends by playing games with them.

This is a sincere request to all those who play games. Please dont do any kind of personal attacks through your posts. Be polite in whatever you say. If any such posts are found which are rude, they will be deleted. Do not overuse a certain word as it disrupts the page set-up. Do not post over and over again right after Ur own post...wait for someone else to reply then reply again to a particular game.

If you find anyone doing personal attacks to you, you can PM one of the Games section MODs. But please don't give back to that person through your posts and destroy the enjoyment of the Games section.

If you want to create a new game...use the search tool to see if any similar game exists or if it is already there... repeated games will be locked...

Hope you follow our simple rules...and enjoy playing games...


Pixibotz. Team


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