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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2016 episode starts with Raman takes Ishita to her clinic. The constable accompany them. Ishita treats the woman in her clinic. She tells Raman about Sunanda, how she treated Sunanda in cell with basic tools. He asks what did she get that toothache. Ishita says jail food is faulty. Ishita asks the woman to come for rootcanal and gives prescription. The woman leaves. Nurse comes and tells Ishita that the patient is not willing to come, knowing charges on you. Ishita gets sad. Raman says ouch, I have sudden pain in my teeth, you are doctor anyhow, check me. She asks him to open his mouth. He taunts her. She says I have injection for you. He gets tensed and says nothing happened to me. She says your teeth, heart and everything is perfect, except your wife, I m imperfect, your name spoiled because of me. Raman gets teary eyed and says my wife thinks about herself, she went to jail alone, she did not think about me, she knows I can’t stay without her, she runs from home, sometimes goes to jail, if she likes to go jail, she would have told me, we would have robbed bank together, atleast we would be together in jail, she is very bad, but very lovely. They hug. He says my wife is world’s perfect wife, my choice can never be wrong. She smiles and says its compliment for me, thanks. Yeh hai mohabbatein

Simmi shows the gifts to everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says you got Punjabi suit for me from London. Raman and Ishita come home. Simmi hugs Ishita and Raman. Ishita asks about Ananya. Simmi says she is playing with Ruhi and Adi. Ishita goes to make tea. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita is her parents shifting, a lady said she is shifting in that flat, did you know this. Simmi shows the dress for Vandu’s daughter. Ishita thinks Mrs. Bhalla got confused, the lady is shifting to above floor flat, I will not clear confusion, Mrs. Bhalla will talk to Amma now. She says I can’t stop Amma, you are her friend, you talk to her. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Ishita says that would be good. 

Sarika comes home and sees constables near door. She sees Ishita. Ishita tells about dinner today. Simmi says I will help you. Sarika smiles and thinks the family drama never ends, they did not invite me for dinner, I will spoil their party. Ishita asks Raman to wear suit on dinner. He says its small party at home. She says wear it for me, don’t know when will I dine with my family again. She hugs him and they get sad. He asks her not to say this. She cries and he asks her to trust him. He asks her to wear something good, and chooses one saree for her. He hugs her and cries, assuring her that he is with her always. He asks her to get ready and wipes her tears. They smile. 

Ishita gets ready and tries to tie the blouse string. Raman helps her and ties the string. Dil kahin rukta nahi………..plays……………….They hug. Raman fills sindoor in her hairline. She smiles.

Kids and elders talk in the party. Manoj comes there and greets them. Raman and Ishita ask him to give the flowers to Shagun. Shagun says maybe he is not sure whom to give. Manoj says the problem is maybe the person won’t like it. Raman and Ishita say these small problems end after marriage, when are you both marrying, we are from girl’s side, tell us date. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, tell us one month before, we will do Shagun’s marriage grand. Mr. Bhalla says yes. Manoj thinks what was I thinking by Sarika’s words, I was wrong. Raman teases Manoj. Manoj says I was also thinking when will I marry Shagun, we have to wait till her delivery, then I will marry her soon before she changes her mind. He holds her hand and says Shagun I love you, I can’t stay without you now, I m sorry. Everyone clap. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to come and have dinner now. Ishita thinks a cold war ended now, and I hope another ends too. 

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2016 Precap: The inspector comes to arrest Ishita. Raman says you can’t take her. Sarika says I told police how you used Ruhi to get Ishita out of jail.


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