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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2016 episode starts with Sarika taunts Raman. Raman angrily scolds her and Mr. Bhalla calms him. Raman says my kids won’t be seeing their mum because of Sarika. Ruhi misses Ishita. Ishita eats food and the inmates taunt her, for getting bail and coming back even when she is rich and has contacts. She says now she is like them, a criminal, murdered. Ishita leaves food and tries to leave. The women ask them to do as they say and stay their way. Ishita asks whats your problem, stay away. They all try hurting her. Ishita pushes a woman who gets hurt. Constable scolds Ishita and takes her away.

Its night, that woman who got hurt, goes to Ishita and tries suffocating her. The other women ask her to leave Ishita. Warden comes there asking from where is this sound coming. The women lie down acting as if they are sleeping. Ishita holds her beck and coughs. Warden asks who did this with you, get up, have water. Ishita says I was sleeping, I had problem to breath, I m fine, nothing else. The woman gets tensed and goes to bathroom. She calls Suyyash and says its not easy, warden came and Ishita got saved. He asks what. The woman says I can’t do this again, will you give money to my son as you said. He says fine, I will give him money. The woman says don’t know why Ishita did not say my name to warden. Suyyash says if Ishita got saved in jail, I will not leave her in court. Warden gives the doll to Ishita. Ishita says its my daughter’s doll. Warden says Ruhi came with her uncle, she gave this doll for you, she is very lovely. Ishita hugs the doll. Teri bechaini ka………..plays……….. 

Warden says sorry, I can’t allow you to keep this doll and takes it away. She asks Ishita to see it from the cell. Ishita cries and thanks her. Ruhi tells Mrs. Bhalla and Adi that she went with Romi and gave the doll for Ishita, Ishita will feel Ruhi. She says we could not meet Ishita, and gave doll to warden. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Ruhi got sensible. Ishita cries seeing the doll. She recalls Ruhi. Swapn Sunehere Ghaw Gehre ….. plays…

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to sleep with her. Ruhi says no, I have Ishita’s story recordings, I will hear it. She says I had recorded this when I was going London. FB shows Ruhi saying Ishita that she will take her voice with her, she will record her fav stories. Ishita laughs and records for her. Adi asks Ruhi will she share stories with her. Ruhi says yes. They both hear the audio. Mrs. Bhalla prays that Ishita comes back home. The same woman gets dental pain and cries. Ishita offers help and says I m dentist, I will see. The woman says no, Ishita will take revenge. Ishita still treats the lady and relieves her pain. She shows the small stone and says that’s why I told that day that food should be good, stone in rice can lead to more problems. She gives her medicines from first aid box and goes to wash hands. The other woman says Ishita did not say your name to warden and treated your tooth pain as well. 

Raman is leaving to meet Niddhi, and sees Ruhi and Adi in the car. He asks them what are they doing, when Mrs. Bhalla made them sleep. Adi and Ruhi request Raman to take them and promise they will be quiet there. Niddhi asks Raman is this any circus to get kids. Ruhi says we came to help aunty. Niddhi says I m just fighting Ishita’s case, I m not your aunty. Raman asks them to go out and sit. Niddhi calls Ruhi and asks her which veg she dislikes. Ruhi says karela. Niddhi says same way, I dislike to lose, I will win this case for my victory, go. Raman thinks its good atleast this way Ishita will be free.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th February 2016 Precap: Raman gets thinking. Ishita tells the woman that we should be good to others. The woman apologizes and says Suyyash Chadda told me to do this.


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