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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th February 2016 episode starts with everyone rushing Ruhi to hospital. Adi informs this to Iyers. Bala says I have to be with Vandu and kids, and asks Appa and Amma to go. Appa asks Adi to be with Bala. Raman asks doctor about Ruhi. Doctor asks Raman not to worry, they are treating Ruhi. Ishita gets restless by the bad dream and worries for Ruhi. She thinks how to find out about Ruhi and cries. Amma hugs Shagun and they cry. Ishita chants Om bhoor the woman asks what is she doing. Sunanda gets up and looks on. 

Doctor tells Raman that they cleaned Ruhi’s stomach off the poison. Raman asks are you sure. Doctor says yes, poison went with milk or maybe by mistake, how can you be so careless. Mrs. Bhalla says this can’t happen. Doctor says Ruhi has high fever by infection, it can be dangerous if fever does not get low in 24 hours, Ruhi is taking Ishita’s name, call her here, maybe Ruhi will respond to treatment well. Raman thanks him. 

Mrs. Bhalla cries. Amma consoles her and says nothing will happen to Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says how did poison come in milk and recalls Vandu. She says don’t know I should say or not, but this is Vandu’s mistake. Amma asks how. Mrs. Bhalla says Vandu made that milk for Shagun, when I went to give milk, Shagun was sleeping and I gave that milk to Ruhi. Amma says why will Vandu do this. Mrs. Bhalla says I mean she is unwell, and her concentration got weak. Amma says no, I know she is going through bad time, Vandu can’t do this. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe Vandu did not realize. Amma says no, Vandu can’t do this and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says how to explain her. 

Raman informs this to Abhishek and asks him to get Ishita here for Ruhi’s sake, its about Ruhi’s life, do anything, please. Niddhi comes and says I took action getting your message, I did not know you will take my idea so serious, I mean you gave poison to your daughter. He asks are you mad. She says whatever, such cases are treated well when there is emergency, I took judge’s permission, Ishita can come out for 24 hours, take doctor’s signature, and then I will show this to jail authority, Ishita wil come out. 

Manoj and Raman meet doctor. Manoj says this fever should not reach the brain, Raman is Ishita coming, Ruhi needs Ishita. Raman says I m trying. Sarika smiles and says thinks her attack did not go waste. 

Bala talks to Amma, and asks how can you say I can’t get Vandu there, do they think Vandu added poison in Ruhi’s milk, why are they thinking so, I will come there and explain them. Vandu hears him. Bala ends call. Vandu asks what happened to Ruhi. Bala says someone added poison in Ruhi’s milk. She asks him to go hospital and stays at home with kids. She worries and says how can they think so. 

Ishita comes to meet Ruhi and cries seeing her. Doctor sends everyone outside. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai plays. Ishita sits by Ruhi’s side. Raman thanks Abhishek. Abhishek says its okay, lets just pray Ruhi gets fine. Ishita talks to Ruhi and asks her to open eyes. She cries and says you were missing Ishi Maa. Raman sees them and gets teary eyed. Ishita prays and says aloud Ruhi. Ruhi opens her eyes and Ishita kisses her happily. Teri bechaini ka plays. Raman and Ishita hug and smile seeing Ruhi. 

Everyone get relieved that Ruhi is fine and come to see her. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita. Doctor comes there and checks Ruhi. He says fever is getting down. Raman surprises Ishita by lighting candle in sandwich and wishes her happy anniversary. She smiles and hugs him. They celebrate. Yeh hai mohabbatein plays. She wishes him and hugs. 

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th February 2016 Precap: Ishita is glad seeing her baby pics and says I m away from my baby. Raman pacifies her and says you are the best mother.


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