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The following two-ingredient combination will get deep into your pores and clean the skin, preventing acne and blackheads. It will treat any facial skin problems such as redness and acne scars, while removing the excess oil and dirt and exfoliating the dead skin cells.

Baking soda is a widely used ingredient for baking goods and it also works great as a polishing agent and a deep cleaning and deodorizing ingredient for household use. Baking soda offers an alternative to all the highly toxic household cleaners. It is also used in cosmetics as a powerful weapon against acne. Disrupted pH levels of the skin lead to breakouts, and baking soda helps because it is an amphoteric compound, restoring the natural pH balance of the skin and healing the skin.

Coconut oil has antibacterial, healing and moisturizing properties that will nourish the skin and alleviated blemishes.

How to use this combination as a deep skin cleanser


2 teaspoons of organic extra-virgin coconut oil

A teaspoon of baking soda


Mix both ingredients in a small bowl until a paste is formed. Apply it on your skin, massaging with your fingers in a circular motion, and leave it on for five minutes. Afterwards, rinse with warm water and massage the skin again using circular motion. Pat the face dry with a clean, soft towel. The coconut oil will hydrate the skin, so there’s no need applying a moisturizer afterwards.


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