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Naagin 6th February 2016 Written Update wrote:

Naagin 6th February 2016 Written Update

Naagin 6th February 2016 begins with a covered man shooting Manisha and getting away in his auto. Sesha asks her who is fifth killer. Shivanya who was in snake structure transforms into human and runs towards Manisha, however she passes on before expressing anything. Shivanya and Sehsa then transform into snake again and take after auto. They achieve Raheja house. Sesha says she will go and discover who he is. Shivanya says individuals will question on the off chance that she goes in, so she will go and discover who he is. Shivanya surges in while Sesha transforms into snake.
Shivanya takes after veiled man and holds his shoulder. She is stunned to see he is Rithhik. Rithik close her mouth and says he is fifth man and knows everything, on the off chance that she knows the mystery, she ought to help him and inquires as to whether she will end up being her accomplice. She gestures yes. He requests that her meet him in passage in 5 min, she will discover each of them 5 there. Shivanya thinks if Rithik truly knows fifth man and executed Suri’s wife to cover up scret. She goes to her room and meanders in her room eagerly. Sesha enters as snake and asks who was that covered man. Shivanya says she can hardly imagine how Rithik was that veiled man. Sesha says his real nature turned out, he is additionally killer. Shivanya says he can’t be as he was 5-year-old when her guardians were killed. Sesha says as much what, Ankush more likely than not educated him everything and he is likewise a killer. Shivanya says her heart says Rithik can’t be a killer. Sesha says he is and she ought to wash her sindhoor with his blood. Sesha leaves room. Rithik gets her again and says her 4 accomplices are in corridor and she ought to additionally go in lobby.
Rithik then terrifies Yamini from behind as hijacker and takes her to lobby. His 3 kin and Ankush rise up out of behind couches and Rithik says they each of the 5 arranged commemoration shock for her. Shivanya unwinds that he implied this. Yamini says thanks to Rithik and inquires as to why is he wearing coat and cap. He says it is father’s jacket and cap. Shivanya thinks then veiled man is Ankush. Ankush gives his blessing to Yamini. She opens wrapper and sees measuring machine. Ankush insults that she has put on weight and needs to join exercise center with him and jokes that even now young ladies are distraught on his 6 pack abs. Yamini insults that she can get to be thin, however he can’t regrow hair on his head. He says yes and says they are all going to haveli for nagpanchami pooja.
Shivanya goes to CCTV room and sends security officer to bring guardian and checks CCTV footage. She sees Rithik originating from outside around 1:30 a.m. furthermore, going into Ankush’s room and turning out wearing coat and cap. She feels that implies Ankush is killer and Rithik is guiltless. Ankush comes and asks what is she doing here. She says Rithik skilled her a watch and she thougt somebody stole it, so she checked footage and later acknowledged watch is with Rithik itself. Ankush says he would have purchased another look for her, why did she check CCTV footage. Security officer returns with guardian. She asks guardian when did Rithik return home. He say aroun 1-1.30 a.m.
Sesha goes to sanctuary and asks Bhairavnath guruji for what valid reason did he call her. He says tomorrow is bother panchami and bothers following 100 years of supplications to God will get to be icchadhari annoy on this night. Icchadhari bothers will likewise need to do petitions to God and they ought not drink milk as it might be toxic for them.
Yamini asks Ankush for what reason did he arrange pooja at haveli when nagin is behind their gang. He says guruma has arranged pooja and she will call nagin to haveli and will complete her. He thinks back Guruma’s arrangement and says they will blend poison in milk and encourage nagin. Yamini says it is exceptionally risky. He says guruma needs to go for broke and they will murder nagin with her most loved beverage/milk.
Shivanya at home rehashes she knew, he can’t be him. Rithik comes and asks what she knew. She runs and embraces him and says she knew he is not him. Rithik asks she embraced him supposing another person and keeps provoking her. He says numerous young ladies were behind him before marriage, yet after she came into his life, they all got away. Shivanya says she kept sola somwar vrat/16 monday fasts to get him and she is fortunate. He gets sentimental and she runs. He supposes she will let him know I adore you one day.
Amrita goes to Divya’s room and says she is perplexed in the wake of catching wind of haveli and needs to rest in her room. Divya grants. Angad comes wearing cover and cover and they both yell in apprehension. He snickers that they were bragging that they are not apprehensive, but rather are shuddering at this point.
Confined man rehashes he needs to return. Ankush comes to haveli with gang. Rithik says they need to come here over and over. Amrita ventures on rope and yells snake. Angad begins insulting her that this haveli has phantoms with numerous mysteries. Shivanya hears their discussion and says even she returned to know confined man’s mystery, this time she will discover who he is. She supposes there is the ideal opportunity for pooja, so she will go and discover at this point. Yamini comes and says she will get ready pooja blossoms and belpatra and even perpare prasad. Shivanya tosses belpatra in corner and thinks where is Sesha. Divya comes and asks what is she doing here. Shivanya says she is going to sanctuary. Divya gets some information about prasad. Shivanya says she is setting it up. Sesha comes and stows away in blossom plate. Divya picks bloom plate. Shivanhya redirects her consideration and Sesha escapes plate. Once Divya leaves, Sesha take human structure. Shivanya says she needs to look nagmani and fifth killer in entire haveli avoiding everybody. Sesha concurs.
Sesha seeks nagmani in entire haveli. Rithik enters room and she changes into Divya. Rithik asks what is she doing here. Sesha says she is seeking Shivanya’s bangles. Rithik gives her bangles and asks her to not let Shivanya home. Divya inquires as to why. He says Shivanya likes stars on roof, so he will make stars with radium paint. Sesha supposes he is an imbecile and does not know Shivanya is nagin and will slaughter her. He sends her out. She changes and thinks in the event that he was not faithful spouse, she would have executed him.
Ankush goes into his room, looks himself in mirror and supposes he have to join thin kurta as his abs are not seen with free kurta. He seeks wallet and discovers his old pic as nursery worker and shrouds it in organizer thinking in the event that somebody sees it, he will be stuck in an unfortunate situation. Sesha comes to as snake and once he leaves, picks pic and is stunned to consider him to be nursery worker. She supposes guruji was correct, Ankush was a cultivator, then how could he have been able to he get to be proprietor of this house and just fifth man can tell the mystery.
Yamini organizes pooja venue in lobby and offers blooms to pandit. Shivanya says prasad is readied and in the event that she needs anything. Yamini requests that her go and rest. Shivanya goes towards her room when Rithik gets her and gets sentimental. Sesha calls her and she runs saying something is burnin in kitchen. She meets Sesha who demonstrates Ankush’s pic as cultivator. Shivanya is stunned and thinks when he was nursery worker, how could he have been able to he turn out to be so rich. She requests that Sesha take this pic to guruji to know the mystery. Sesha leaves in nagin’s structure.
Shivanya feels mixed up hearing been sound and strolls into lobby to see snake charmers playing been/snake woodwind and thinks who called them and why are they playing woodwind. Bhairvanth guruji performs pooja in shiv sanctuary. Al icchadhari pesters accumulate around him for pooja. At haveli, Shivanya gets more discombobulated hearing been sound. Ankush uproots ring intentionally. Shivanya supposes she will kill him today. At sanctuary, Bhairavnath advises icchadhari bothers to change into bother and present their 100-year petitions to God to shivji. Shivanya begins transforming into nagin.


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