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it's not just about the keywords , its about quality but when you want to earn high with little traffic you have to be smart . Smart here means better choice of high paying and low competition keywords that increase your earning / revenues from google adsense account. As the adsense is primary source of earning of a blogger it becomes important to use proper keywords in articles. The adsense tip I am sharing today is use of high paying keywords , so that each click gives you money more than 15 low cpc clicks. New Bloggers are in tension just because of low cpc eg they got 10 clicks at cpc of 0.1$ it means they made 1$ in a day and they also sent 10 visitors outside of their blog. But proper keywords can give you 3 to 5 $ for a single click and you will only loose your 1 visitor for that click.

Pro adsense tip : to find adsense expensive keywords just use semrush and get all expensive keywords with trial account .

High paying and easy to rank keywords

Below is a list of high paying keywords that are easy to rank with little seo. These keywords are high paying or you can say high cpc offering keywords. Only using these keywords will not increase your CPC , you have to get backlinks for these keywords as well . If you use better keyword density for these keywords you can surely increase your adsense revenue. 
 Car accident lawyers : high cpc , medium competition 
Insurance : high cpc , low competition 
Data recovery raid : high cpc , medium competition 
Motor insurance quotes : medium cpc , medium competition 
Car donate : high cpc , low competition
Personal injury : medium cpc , medium competition 

Easy to rank keywords for local businesses

Now , we created another list for high cpc keywords that are based on local businesses. Local businesses like well drillers, accountants , car repairs etc are popular keywords for local areas . You can start your niche in this field because these will pay you high and also it is easy to rank in search engines for these keywords. 
The best way of using these keywords is by writing reviews about these services. You can approach your local business owners and ask them to write paid reviews of their business. You can earn money with this style and if you are not successful in doing so, don't worry just write review about them , because you have freedom about writing and expressing your views. Please note that cpc for undeveloped countries are low and same cpc for keywords on USA can give you upto 50$ for a single click. 

Big categories high paying adsense keywords and niche .

Below is a list of broad categories of keywords and can become your primary niche for earning high from google adsense . Insurance , loans , hosting etc are some niches that have very high cpc and also very less peoples are able to rank well for these keywords. If you have lot of data and knowledge about below keyword niche you can start blogging on these niches. 
As you see these are broad categories and only professional can write detailed articles about these field , these keywords are free from spammers.

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Now I am giving you list of high paying adsense keywords that I copied from 

Note :This is only for educational purpose only . 

List [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] of high paying (cpc) keywords of adsense

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List [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] of high paying adsense keywords

The 3rd adsense keyword list I found usefull is present on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] . As you can see these list are closely related to each other , this is the only reason I didn't create a new one .
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[*]Mesothelioma Law Firm (179$)
[*]Donate Car to Charity California (130$


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