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#1 Android Media Player + Video Cutter on Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:01 pm

The free app "Media Player + video Cutter", also known as the "Media Player Plus", is a slim all-in-one video player for your Android device.Can be With the free app "Media Player Plus" videos on Android devices not only organize and play, but also prune and share with friends. The clever application is doing very resource-saving to your smartphone.

Media Player Plus: cut videos with Android
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After installation, you can add videos that are on your Android device, the app. In chic design here your media are administered. Clicking on a video plays from this. Now, you can pause the video and, for example, about the scissors icon cut out a part of the video and save it separately. All your videos can be sent via the app directly to your contacts, such as via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Conclusion: The Android app "Media Player Plus" looks chic and also maintains what it promises: Manage Files and cut videos works with the tool properly. The one negative we just sloppy translation into German. Here, the manufacturer has to make improvements once. Note: This app requires Android OS 4.0 or later. About the download button you are on Google Play Store out, which allows you to install the software.
Media Player + Video Cutter - Android App - CHIP
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