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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th February 2016 episode starts with Vandu coming to meet Ruhi. Ishita consoles her and says I trust you, you can’t do this with Ruhi, and asks her to meet Ruhi. Bala looks for some thing and gets the wine bottle. He recalls Romi got it to Bhalla house, and thinks its same brand, what happened to Vandu, how could she get it from Bhalla house, what will Raman think. Neelu tells Mr. Bhalla that Bala got this wine bottle to keep it in Raman’s room. Mr. Bhalla says Raman’s client got this for me, fine, I will keep this. He asks Neelu to make tea for them. He asks Bala why is he worried. Bala says I don’t know, Vandu took this bottle, I m sorry, don’t share this with anyone.

Mr. Bhalla says I m sorry, Mrs. Bhalla told a lot to Amma yesterday, I know Vandu can’t hurt anyone, but she has something in her heart, be with her, she needs you, I make drink for Mrs. Bhalla, its fun to drink together and express things, we share and solve problems like friends, you try this, I m sure Vandu will share her problem, keep this bottle. Bala says thanks, I will try this.

Mrs. Bhalla does Ruhi’s tilak and ties a spiritual thread. Ruhi asks her to tie the thread to Ishita’s hand as well. Mrs. Bhalla ties it to Ishita’s hand and takes Ruhi to rest. Ishita says I found peace seeing the kids, where is Rohit, what happened Romi. Romi says actually… Sarika says did anyone not tell Ishita that Rohit is not here, he went to his real mother, I gave him to Pallavi. Ishita asks why suddenly. Raman says let it be, Rohit is fine, atleast Pallavi won’t use him. Ishita agrees and taunts Sarika. Sarika goes. 

Muttu meets Ishita. Amma comes there and stands at the door. Ishita asks her to come inside. Amma says no, I don’t want to, I got this sweets for Ruhi. Amma looks at Mrs. Bhalla and goes. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman. Ishita says much changed here in my absence, what is happening here Ishita goes to her room. Raman comes there and hugs her. He says I know room is messy, but you have come, things will be fine. She says I will make this right, what about the problem between Mrs. Bhalla and Amma, we will keep an anniversary party, they both can’t refuse. Raman gets a call and says I have appointment with Niddhi, I told her what you want. He gives her a surprise and shows the sonography reports, baby’s pics. She says its our baby Raman and smiles. He says you are world’s best mom and hugs her. He says I wish you became best wife and teases her. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……….

Raman and Ishita meet Niddhi and thank her. Niddhi says you paid for my work, so this had to happen, use this special permission for some good work, like social service, we have to show your positive image, Amar Chadda was reputed lawyer. Ishita asks her is she doing something about that matter. Niddhi asks her to wait. Ishita says fine, we will wait. 

Mrs. Bhalla sees some people seeing Iyer’s flat. The lady asks Mrs. Bhalla about this society, how are the people here. Mrs. Bhalla says its good, why are you asking. The lady says I m Mrs. Kapoor, maybe we will shift here. Mrs. Bhalla says Iyer family is staying here. The lady says agent said that family is vacating this flat. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says strange, they are leaving but why, no one told us, does Raman and Ishita know this. 

Pallavi brings Rohit there. Ishita meets Rohit and asks Pallavi why did she do this. Pallavi says I came as you wanted to meet Rohit. Ishita says I want to know, I saved your life, you did not support me. Pallavi says I m sorry, I could not help you, I love my son, I got him now, I can’t lose him, I did all this to get him, so sorry. Suyyash comes there. Niddhi shouts what are you doing here. 

Suyyash says you are asking this to me, by calling my client here, you felt I will send Pallavi alone here, I m not a kid, and how did Ishita think Pallavi will help her, you killed her husband and ruined her life, is this not too much, I came here to warn you, don’t call my client and record any statement, else I will turn the case such way that Niddhi will forget practice, I know Niddhi called Pallavi to change her statement, this won’t happen, I advice you to leave this case. 

Suyyash says you can’t make me lose, never. Niddhi says you just care to save your client, it was all her idea to dispose body and burn it, you are supporting her. He says but Ishita did the murder. Pallavi asks them to stop it, Suyyash can we leave now. Suyyash says spend these final moments well, its priceless. Raman asks him to find a new job, as once Ishita comes out of jail, I will shut your lawyer shop. 

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2016 Precap: Raman tells Ishita that you just think about yourself, did you think what will happen to me, if you wanted to go jail, you would have told me, we would have done the crime together, atleast we would have stayed together. They hug.


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