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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2016 pisode starts with Appa asking Amma to have coffee, as she did not have lunch. Amma refuses. Vandu insists. Niddhi’s associate comes to Vandu. Vandu asks can I help. The lady asks her to leave from here. Vandu asks what nonsense. She is made to leave.

Niddhi asks Pallavi was she happy with her married life. Pallavi does not say. Niddhi asks again. Pallavi says yes. Niddhi asks her to hear well and answer. Pallavi shouts yes, I was very happy with my married life, I loved Amar a lot, he also loved me and took good care of me, don’t know what enmity this Ishita Bhalla had with him… Ishita and Raman get shocked as Pallavi says Ishita has killed Amar. Pallavi cries and points to Ishita. Raman fumes in anger. Niddhi asks Pallavi what do you want now. Pallavi says I want this Ishita gets hanged to death. Everyone get shocked. 

Pallavi says Ishita has brutally murdered my husband, she should be strictly punished, don’t give her bail. Ishita, Raman, Amma, Appa and Niddhi are shocked. Niddhi reminds Pallavi that Amar used to torture her. Pallavi asks what do you mean, Amar and I had fights, like everyone else, it does not mean torture. Niddhi says you went to NGO to complain about Amar. Pallavi says yes, I went to take help, but I did not complain, Amar and I were adjusting, and all problems got solved, we both loved each other, I did not go to tell Ishita, she used to call me and came my home, she used to feel Amar beats me, and don’t know why she killed Amar. Raman says don’t lie Pallavi, Ishita saved your life, Amar used to beat you, you are alive here because of Ishita, you are giving wrong statement. Judge asks him to sit down. 

Pallavi cries and says every person has bad things, Amar was short tempered, but he was changing, when I did any mistake, he used to explain me, punish this woman, she is culprit. Ishita asks why are you lying, we expected you to say truth, why are you afraid, tell them you forced me to come, I came running to you, I saved your life, tell the truth, your husband died in defense. Amma shouts Pallavi say truth, why are you lying. Judge asks them to sit. He asks does prosecution lawyer want to ask any question. Suyyash comes and says yes, I m here. Raman recalls his words and gets shocked. Niddhi looks at Suyyash. 

Suyyash says I want to present some proof. Niddhi says you are Pallavi’s lawyer, you were not here when hearing started. Suyyash says yes, I was making copies of the proof, my associate was here. He plays the CD where Niddhi asks Pallavi to give statement in Ishita’s favor. Suyyash says see how they are framing my innocent client and making her save Ishita, they are using Pallavi. Niddhi says you got down on your cheap tactics again. Judge says Ishita won’t get bail, she will be in jail, and next hearing will be after 7 days, we will decide whether Ishita murdered Amar or not, till then court is adjourned. Suyyash thanks judge and takes Pallavi along.

Raman and Ishita cry. Raman says I promise I will save you. Ishita is taken by the police. Media clicks her pics. Raman goes to her, and she is not allowed to meet him. Raman asks for 5mins and is permitted. Ishita asks for pen and paper. Constable says we don’t have, just talk if you want. Ishita tells about Adi and Ruhi’s school schedule, food and timings. Raman says I know why Pallavi lied, I promise I will get you out of here, sorry for today. She says I know, so I m saying just one week schedule, I m sorry, I should have not got in Pallavi’s matter. He says listen, you trust me right. She says yes, I know you will free me in 7 days. Suyyash says 7 days… I won’t let you come out all your life, I will not sit peacefully till you get hanged, Raman tell you kids to get habitual to live without their mother. Raman gets angry and Ishita stops him. Ishita is taken in the van. Amma, Appa and Raman worry.

Raman stops Pallavi and scolds her for lying. He says your lie did this state of Ishita. Suyyash asks him to be away from Pallavi, else Raman will go to jail as well. Raman gets angry and scolds him. Suyyash says don’t do this mistake, take him, else you need to hire another lawyer. He leaves with Pallavi.

Niddhi fumes on losing to Suyyash and says Pallavi fooled me infront of everyone, how did I believe that Suyyash will make Pallavi give statement against Amar, how did Raman and Ishita think everyone is good like them. Raman comes and says Ishita’s bail is rejected. Niddhi shouts on him and says its about my reputation, I will win this case any how, I will show Suyyash his right place, its not about Ishita, its about my victory.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2016 Precap: Sarika tells Pallavi that now you can accept Rohit, you did as we planned, you changed statement, so I giving Rohit to you. Romi asks Sarika about Rohit. Sarika says I gave him to his real mother. Romi asks what do you mean. Raman looks on angrily.


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