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Survi collapses on the road, screaming his name faintly, while he gets in the car. A man passes by, and notices the snake and then survi lying on the road, and is aghast to find that she is bitten. He wonders what to do, and rushes to kartik asking for help, regarding the girl, who has been bitten. he is shocked to see survi lying on the road, and rushes to her, getting out of the car. he is distraught to find survi almost unconscios, as he takes her in his arms. Barely able to see, and speak, she fumbles and manages to apologise, while he hurriedly says that he wont let anything happen to her. The man meanwhile ties her snake bite, with a hankey. she doses off, while he says that he wont let anything happen to her. He understands that she had pushed him to save him. they place her in the car. the man checks her pulse and doesnt find any, meaning that there isnt much time left, as the poison has begun to show its effect. he says that they have to reach to the hospital, before the poison starts spreading. He rushes in the car and drives off, while the man says that he shall pray for them. He keeps assuring her, that he wont let anything happen to her, and says that he is very angry, and if she leaves him, he would be more angry. she says that this is her punishment for lying to him, and maybe her death gives him happiness. he says that she cant leave him, and asks her to look. she continues to apologise, saying that she may have lied, but her intentions were genuine. she starts losing grasp of her consciousness. he is distraught. he prays to the lord, that survi be fine, and she shouldnt be punished for his mistakes. Just then, his car breaks down, and he is frustrated, to see the bonnet of his car in smokes. He is shocked and doesnt believe that this can happen. Survi meanwhile clutches at the ganesha bracelet, and screams out his name. he comes to her, and asks her to continue talking. Kartik is distraught as he asks her to open her eyes, and screams that she cant leave him and go. He screams for help, running towards survi and then for help. he asks her to listen to her one last time, that she cant leave him. Then he hears the call of the azan, and remembers his promise to srikant. he carries survi in his arms and starts running, much like the times, he has saved her earlier from troubles. Scene 2:

Location: Tai’s residence

While shanti is almost unconscious, tai asks her yet again, and she denies not knowing anything, almost in a daze. Tai asks pyare to give her another shock. he comes with the wires. Pyare hears someone calling his name, and he and tai are shocked. he wonders who is here and if its kartik. tai says that it isnt kartik. he seems to recognise the voice, and tai asks him to hide shanti here, and sneak out, while they tend to her later on. She rushes out. Pyare and tai are stunned and shocked to find the police at their doorstep, and aghast when kishore walks in from behind them. They are thoroughly boggled as they remember killing and burying him. Pyare blurts out saying that he was right all along, and is about to blurt of the murder, when tai stops him. Pyare rushes to him, while tai asks the inspector why is he here with this man. The police says that they wished to meet kartik. she is shocked and asks why. he says that there was a missing report, of kishore and he is back with remorse and regreat. Kishore says that he made a mistake, and begs for an apology and to be forgiven. tai is boggled, but composes herself, and says that he shall be forgiven by kartik and bindu only, and they both arent here, and asks him to come when they are back. he says that he is a house son in law, and hence would wait here only, waiting for them. The police says that they wont wish to interfere, but till kartik doesnt return, they all shall wait here. tai is tensed. Kishore asks about the others, as to where are they. tai says that everyone is out. he asks how is shanti out, as she must be preparing for her exams, and then goes in to meet her. tai is worried.

Kishore rushes in to find shanti, in the bathroom, dishevelled and distraught, almost out of consciousness. he carries her in the arms and lays her on the bed. He thinks that survi was right that shanti would have to bear the brunt of tai’s frustration and anger. he is determined that he wont let anything happen to shanti.

Scene 3:

Location: Dargah

Kartik arrives with her in his arms, at the dargah. he places her by the wall. he gets to praying remembering the atrocities that he put her through, full of remorse and guilt. he prays to the lord, that he knows everything, and listens to everyone, and today he has come with the request, that is to save survi, as he eyes her lovingly, adding that he cant stay without survi, and either he gives survi back, or takes him too with her. he prays fervently. he then finds the wishing wall, where people tie threads desiring for something. he rushes there, and ties a thread for survi’s safety. Survi lays unconscious. he is then composed by a person, who tells him that the lord needs to see the passion in him, so as to fulfill his desire. the person shows him the smouldering bed of coal, and asks him to walk on it, if he has faith in his love, and then leave everything on god for a miracle. kartik is determined and then gets to it. He experiences severe pain, and bears it, remembering the ways survi cared for him. just then, a snake comes and approaches survi. Kartik collapses on the floor, as his legs give away. Kartik sees along with others, as the snake comes by survi’s feet, where it had bitten, and survi shivers in her unconscious state. People try to get ahead and shoo the snake away, but kartik stops them. All stand shocked and boggled. then the snake leaves. kartik rushes to survi. the screen freezes on survi’s faces.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th February 2016 Precap: Kartik severely attends to survi’s care and concern for her, while she recuperates. As she gets up and dresses, he says that she is incomplete. She is boggled. He says that he shall finish today whats remaining and dons her head with the vermillion, marked on his name. she is overwhlmed as tears flow down her cheeks. he says that he shall finish whats missing on their relationship tonight, and shall clear all misunderstandings. He says that tonight whatever was remaining in their relationship, he shall fulfill it, and that she shall never be able to forget this valentine ever. she eyes him adoringly, overwhelmed with emotions.


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